Our Team


Rick Baldocchi

Rick is the Founder and President of Agua Viva. Rick has served through missions for many years,  including one fateful mission trip to Los Chiles where the problem of water was brought to his attention.  He has worked tirelessly to make Agua Viva Serves a reality and change the lives of those involved.  He continues to serve as Chairman of the Board.  He is also a successful engineer in the Orlando area and is an active member or First United Methodist Church of Winter Park.

Blake Davidson

Blake is Agua Viva's Executive Director. Agua Viva's youngest team leader joined the mission in early 2010. Since then, Blake has worked hard with Rick to see that the mission is constantly moving forward. He is a former airline pilot and a second generation missionary. Blake spends up to 6 months a year in-country developing local leaders to continue the project into the future. 


Vicente Rios

Vicente is Agua Viva's Operations Manager. Vicente has been in charge of planning and managing projects in Los Chiles, Costa Rica since early 2016. He has been with Agua Viva since 2013, and has helped us grow to reach more communities and lives. 

Francisco Bazan

Fran is Agua Viva's Construction Manager. Fran has been with Agua Viva since 2013. He started out doing odd jobs for Agua Viva and ended up being one of our best employees.  

Joel Conger

Joel is Agua Viva's volunteer coordinator.  He has been involved with AVS from August 2016 and currently lives in Country.  He is responsible for planning and execution of all mission trips.  


Lineth Canales

Lineth is Agua Viva's Office Manager. She started working with Agua Viva in 2015. She is the local voice and organizer for Agua Viva. 

Omar Porras 

Omar Porras is Agua Viva's expert Driller. He has worked with Agua Viva since 2013. He has lent his expertise in drilling and is an invaluable staff member. 


Agua Viva's Board Members: 

Scott Davidson
Margaret Davidson
Jonathan Tschanz
Kent Akins
Phyllis Klock
Mark Confer
Jensie Gobel
Dave Arms
Chuck Wood
Alex Confer
Andrew Snavely
Dave Nielson
Robert Smither
Steve O'Donnell
Randy Vance
Bill Manuel