Water from the Top of Africa


Imagine yourself on one of the highest mountains in the world. You're at 19,341 feet above sea level, which people cannot survive for long. Your brain and body are oxygen-starved. You have to deal with the effects of extreme altitude along with below 0 temperatures, battering winds and a team that is counting on everyone to make the right decisions.

Kent Akins, Jennifer Baer and Robert Harvie will be traveling to Africa this July to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro to celebrate their 20 years of working together.  They have decided to use this milestone to help communities in Los Chiles, Costa Rica gain access to clean and safe water. Aqua Viva was founded in Winter Park, FL right where Kent, Jennifer & Robert's partnership began in 1995.  Aqua Viva has dilled over 43 wells and touched over 4800 lives by providing clean drinking water. Please join us in our celebration by donating to Aqua Viva.